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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Total Consecration & the Assumption

Today is the most beautiful of Church Feast Days for Mary the Mother of God. I know there were a lot of capital letters in that sentence but I don't care! It's the Assumption! It's also the date I've chosen to be my consecration day using the St. Louis-Maria deMontfort Total Consecration Method (I had a post about this saint a while back).

I couldn't be more excited about this consecration. I'm not too good at expressing things beautifully so instead I'll use a youtube video on what this is and just how awesome it is:

I also wanted to alert all you readers out there to a beautiful post by my good friend and fellow blogger Gabriel on this feast day (it's one of his favorites too).

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  1. Dan...My wife and I are doing our first consecration to Jesus through Mary on Our Lady of the Rosary next month, using Father Gaitley's book 33 Days to Morning Glory....we are very excited about it and glad to hear about other Baltimorons making the consecration. Just discovered your podcast, but look forward to listening.
    Godspeed, -David