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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Easter and some thoughts on Mary

Happy Easter! How are you all doing? What a great and beautiful season. I wanted to share some audio files that I've been listening too recently. There's some free talks from that are just incredible (follow this link and then click download your free talks now). So far I've listened to five of the talks and they are each Amazing! I particularly like the conversion of Scott Hahn and the seven secrets of the eucharist. The one I just finished is all about Mary and the Rosary. At about 29 minutes into the recording they start talking about the importance of Mary and the Rosary. I've heard some of these points before but there were some great new ones that I wanted to mention.

It's incredible to realize that Mary is the new ark of the covenant. The new dwelling place of God incarnate. King David in the old testament says, "Who am I that the ark of my lord should come to me". This is a direct parallel to when Elizabeth says to Mary, "Who am I that the mother of my Lord should come to me?" Then there's the part in the old testament when David does a dance in front of the Ark. It's described in the old testament as 'leaping'. So in the new testament we have John the Baptist taking this role and leaping before the new ark of the covenant. It also discusses how much Jesus loved his mother Mary. She is present at all of the major points in his life. His conception, birth, first miracle, and his death.

What I don't think a lot of people realize is how simple it is to explain Marian devotion. It goes like this: Jesus Loves Mary his mother. We are called to imitate Jesus, therefore we must love Mary, Jesus's mother. It's straight from the 10 commandments. Honor thy Mother and thy Father. Also since we are called to be the brothers and sisters of Jesus and together call God our Father, it follows very easily that Mary is our mother also.

Again, hope your Easter is going well! God Bless!


p.s. - The Picture at the top is a picture of Lloyd I took today at the tulip garden in Baltimore. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful walk. Gotta Love Spring!!

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