Monday, July 28, 2014

Uniting our sufferings to the Christians in Iraq

For those who haven't yet heard, there's been a tremendous amount of suffering going on for the Christians in Iraq. This article has a good summary as well as a lot of links to different parts of the story:

I'd like to request a call to prayer and sacrifice for these brothers and sisters in Christ. Let us pray for the families who are forced to move from their home with nothing but what they can carry. Let us pray for their persecutors who are subjecting them to violence and humiliation for their faith.

If there's something you can do this week or this month that will in a small way show your solidarity with these Christians, I ask you to consider it. Try giving up one meal a week. Try living without air conditioning for one night.  Try walking somewhere when you normally would have driven.

Also I suggest changing your Facebook profile picture to the following to show our christian Solidarity:

This is the letter N in the Arabic alphabet that stands for 'Nazarenes', or Christians. It's a symbol that's been painted on the homes of Christians in Iraq to show where they live.

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